Kyu Blu Kelly and Owen Pappoe, Two Draft Picks Are Upcoming Press Conference Subjects

NEW YORK – (April 28, 2023) – Team Whistle, the global sports media and entertainment company is embracing the hidden camera format with its latest original comedy series ‘Pressed,’ set to launch on Friday, April 28 on Whistle’s YouTube page and across their social media handles. In ‘Pressed’, Whistle has established their own controlled press room, where various unsuspecting sports talent and personalities believe they are walking into a moderated, panel discussion led by hard hitting journalists. The premiere episode kicks off with Deebo Samuel, wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, as he quickly discovers that the conversations are being led quite hilariously by a panel of mini, grade-school-age journalists who have done the prep work and mean business. Kyu Blu Kelly and Owen Pappoe, two draft picks, are slated to be future press conference subjects. Before you get too concerned about the young writers being overworked, there is a well deserved “Halftime" segment included, with snacks and drinks for our kids to munch on and regather their strength for additional questioning.

“I knew that I was going to be grilled with questions by participating in Whistle’s ‘Pressed’ series. What I didn’t know was that I would be walking in a room with very young up and coming journalists who very much looked the part with their glasses, blazers and notepads”, said Deebo Samuel. “Everybody needs to know, do not be fooled. These kids came prepared. They have real futures ahead of them and we had a great time. Glad I was able to participate.”

“We are so excited to be launching ‘Pressed’ because of how much we value content that is both authentic and relatable, and there is nothing more authentic than kids asking sincere questions. Given my experience in the scripted comedy space, it was a natural fit for me to step in as the series writer, producer, and director, said Nick Peet, Creative Strategist at Team Whistle. “We look forward to bringing some laughter and levity to sports programming.”

To further promote “Pressed,” there are supporting social assets running across Tiktok, IG Reels and YT, that puts our talent once again in the hot seat. In ‘Three Strikes You’re Out,’ we’ll hand over a field mic to our young journalists who will rattle off three rapid fire, quintessentially “kid curious” questions on Whistle’s branded step and repeat.

About Team Whistle:

Team Whistle is a DAZN Group sports and entertainment media company built to engage and activate today’s generation, wherever they consume content globally. As a pioneer in data-driven content creation and distribution, Whistle has a positive and relatable original content slate of 50+ shows and a creator network that generates over four billion views per month across digital and social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. With these deep ties to social and streaming platforms, Team Whistle’s internal agency “MAGNET,” provides platform-first content strategies to brands, leagues and platforms to attract audiences and create revenue opportunities.



Stacey Richman